I must confess to being a bit of a tech geek. I love all the latest technology and how it makes information more connected and accessible than ever before.

I also look forward to the possibility of what cloud computing and the internet of things can do for practically every aspect of our lives.

I believe we live in the most interesting and rapidly developing era ever and feel very excited about seeing how it all develops and impacts on people’s lives.

For me this all provides a tool to create more fulfilling and enlightened lives. Where people are more accepting of other cultures and views and respond to the world with an ever increasing open mind and heart.

I am a technological optimist – if there is such a thing.

I fundamentally believe that the strongest means of communication is authentic and real, and spoken from the heart. What the technology allows me to do, is to see what the audiences of those I advise may hold as most important to them.

That provides me with a means of creating genuine bridges of interest between the speaker and the audience. Which is always a better way to create a strong, engaging and persuasive piece of communications.

However, as I sit in northern Spain overlooking the sea, my few days off hear have also shown ho technology can be sometimes a break to communications and to advancement and create a slave relationship rather than a servant one.

I middle aged couple came and sat at the table next to us at dinner. They were there for 90 minutes or so, and with the exception of giving their order not a word was spoken.

Instead they were both fully engaged in their mobiles, photographing the food as it arrived, and tapping away at their phones when not actually eating.

For me that was a slave relationship, as meal times are personal and a time to engage away from the connected world as you personally connect with the people you are eating with. OK, use the connected world to help add to and stimulate healthy discussion and debate.

But replace it, I can’t see that. For in the end life and communications is all about a personal reaction and belief or not in a person, what they stand for and whether they can persuade you as well.

Communications is deeply personal and individual, when it works. No technology can exactly replicate or replace that for mankind.