Some people love to do the same job day in day out, it provides certainty and balance in their lives.  My soul is nurtured by fresh challenges, looking at things in a different way and responding to ever changing circumstances and events.

Much is written about the role of the human in the future, and how robots will take over many roles and ever smarter computers will take over numeric and repetitive calculations and work.

Most agree though that it will be a long time before they can replace those in the creative and communications fields.

Why is this? Because the soul needs to drink from the creative well, to heighten our senses of joy, excitement, drama, fear or sorrow. This is what makes us human, this is what makes us sentient. Metal and circuitry will always struggle to imitate that.

But what does this have to do with an inquiring mind? Simply put computers disregard irrelevant and unnecessary data to get to the obvious solution quicker.

However, those charged with creating emotional responses in humans and challenging them to think differently often need to tackle the problem from a fresh and different perspective. It they want to both engage and persuade, they must entice and intrigue, very rarely are people battered to a different perspective by force and statistics. They want to feel personally connected.

That can only come from those who have a genuine joy for reading around a problem, discovering new and different views and approaches, driven by what I call a fidgety gene which leaves them unhappy with any work they have done and always trying to see how it can be improved and developed in a positive sense.

This creates better and more interesting communications, together with a determination to always look forward, whilst learning from what has gone before, as well as being determined to raise the game at every opportunity. That is an exciting place to be.

This for me makes the world a fascinating place, where I am learning more and more every day, nourishing my soul in some extraordinary ways, making for me my life a very fascinating and rewarding place to be.

Or maybe you think differently.